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                                                    The choreographer and performer was born in Mexico                                                             City, who at a very early age developed as a folk dance                                                            dancer representing her country in International                                                                       Festivals in countries such as: Spain, Taiwan, Poland,                                                            Haiti, Portugal, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands                                                               and Belgium.

                                                      In her search for new languages of movement he meets                                                         Contemporary Dance and Theater. She studied Theater at                                                   CEDART, Choreography at the INBA Choreographic                                                              Research Center. She trained at Movement Research School                                                  in New York.


In recent years she has had an interest in multidiscipline, her

research is based on the search for organicity between dance,

theater and multimedia, which led her to formulate a method

for the organic training of the performer and entering the Arts


Her works have been selected in: Encuentro de Danza

online Intemperie (Xalapa 2020), Festival Enrolarte Arte

online (CDMX 2020), Virtual exhibition: Pandora el fin del

mundo (CDMX 2020), Contigo en la Distancia Support

for creators y Artistas (CDMX 2020), Ithakaza Online

(Netherlands 2020),Teatro D'10 Festival Argentina-Mexico-

Netherlands (Aguascalientes 2020), Mint-Switch 3.0 short film

Festival (Rotterdam 2020), 4th International Video Dance Festival

(CDMX 2019), Encounter National Choreographer No / Legitimate (CDMX 2019), Ithakaza Spanish Night art Festival (Amsterdam 2019), have also been presented at the Theater de la Danza, Black Box Experimental Forum, Agua Fuerte gallery, V&S Gallery, La Nabe Forum, The Ex Esmeralda box, ZID theater and Ru Pare in the Netherlands.

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