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Her artistic proposal is based on the search for organicity between dance, theater, and multimedia.

she is interested in hybrids results that lead her to develop different forms of communication and connection with the audience.

Her work is a political and psychological statement about what we must change in human behavior in order to change society and perhaps the world.

She studied Choreography at the Center for Choreographic Research, Theater at CEDARt of INBA. She has a Transdisciplinary Diploma. She trained at Movement Research School in New York. In recent years she has dabbled in the visual arts.

Her works have been selected: encuentro de danza (online)Intemperie (xalapa 2020), contigo en la distancia(CDMX 2020),ithakaza online(Amsterdam 2020),festival Teatro d'10 (Aguascalientes 2020) short film festival switch mint(Rotterdam2020)

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