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Winter Way is a photo-tour that shows a more local face about the countries: Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands.
This installation is based on research on psychogeography, that is; the sensorial-emotional perception caused by urban architecture and how color psychology affects human behavior.

This installation aims to reach sensory
to the public by reducing the space in small corridors as well as with images which will provoke two emotions, the photographs are categorized, chosen and edited to provoke Melancholy and Satisfaction. In addition to this and with the help of
The images will take the public on a tour of Belgium, Germany, but especially the Netherlands.

It was exhibited at Agua Fuerte Galería (CDMX 2018) and at V&S Galería (CDMX 2019)

On a winter trip, the artist was captivated by the contrast of the white of the snow against the grays that most of the architecture had, by the mist that was in the environment and when the sun came out, she could see these other shades of architecture, This led her to experience two emotions: melancholy and satisfaction; In her pleasure to share experiences, she decided to create this piece where a journey to the ivadrift ̈ is generated, passing through the ̈no-places ̈ as defined by Guy Debord in her book on psychogeography and as the artist herself experienced it on her journey but especially where the emotional sensation of the images about the architecture were the protagonists and not the photographs per se.

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